Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Hi all,

As always, thank you for your patience.  Eventually I will get photos uploaded so you know some of these things exist and I'm not just talking out of my rear.  I haven't been well lately so I've just been going to work and coming home to sleep, primarily.

So, I have requests for the "Vacation Cruise" song.  I will let you know when I have it uploaded for your pleasure!  My husband will have to handle that for me.  I will link it when it's ready.

In other 5th news that I have been up to, I created my own Leeloo custom action figure!  She looks good for what she is, and I'm proud of her.  Many years ago I created mini stones out of sculpey, so she has her own set to go with.  Again, pictures will follow.  I may just upload to my photobucket account and leave the album on public.  I'll link here.  There are already plenty of pictures up but not everything.  I created her out of a "Gen 13" Fairchild figure that I got in a lot off of ebay with other castaway figures.  So, I just sanded and Xacto'd off parts, repainted, painted, painted, painted.  I am by no means a professional customizer like some people I know in the pop culture world, but for a first try she looks good to me.  I created her suspenders out of craft foam and just painted them and glued them on.  It had to happen in 2 pieces but it happened.

Anyway, a lackluster update but there you go.

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