Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yeah, absences.

Hi all,

If you'r reading this, I apologize.  Due to health problems and new jobs, I have been away for quite a while.  I now work with the non-profit organization Chronic Migraine Awareness, as well as the National Headache Foundation, so I've been extremely busy helping to get CMA off the ground.  I still work a day-to-day in the restaurant industry, but it is sometimes difficult to keep up with everything when you are feeling so badly and working so hard.  I have not been neglecting my Fifth Element hobby, however, so I can chat about some things I have been up to there.

Firstly, I made Leeloo's wig.  It turned out very well, and once I am finished nitpicking minor finishing details, I will post a picture.  I basically ordered a nice, neon orange wig off the internet, used a red permanent marker in different layers, and twisted and glued sections to get the dreads.  I also put in her braid, which is a detail some people forget or you sometimes don't see it in the film, especially later on when the dreads have kind of fallen out and Leeloo is looking weary.

Secondly, I am finishing a set of Multipass kits.  It took me a long time to get moving on them because the paint fumes are a migraine trigger for me, or if I am in a very bad attack, I cannot paint.  However, the past few days have been kind to me and so I have been hard at work on them, and I can say they should be done by this weekend, and I will post pics of these too.  These are not Munson kits, and I am not sure of the casting, but for references I stuck closer to the film outside of Leeloo's photo, which is very difficult to get a official film screenshot of.  The casting on these kits was not great, so I had to sand and sand and prime and prime some more.  They won't be as flashy and don't light up like the Munson kits do, but I think once they are put together and lacquered they will look great.  These kits run about $25 each.

Thirdly, I am putting together a kit of the temple key from the film.  It cost all of $10 to get this kit, but you have to be patient putting it together.  I don't advise doing what I did - gluing the key pieces straight onto the stem.  If you consider this kit, please be advised there are no grooves machined into the stem so you might want to carefully sand some grooves for yourself.  I was overeager but the almost-finished product is looking great.  Again, will post photos when it's finished.

Fourthly, I still intend on doing a side-by-side comparison of the film "Heavy Metal" with "The Fifth Element."  As you may or may not know, the artist Moebius was partly responsible for the film "Heavy Metal" as well as the magazine of the same name, and he also contributed heavily to the look and design of "The Fifth Element."  Sadly, he passed away earlier this year.

Fifth, I am still working on translating Meziere's art book on "The Fifth Element."

My Leeloo wig serves kind of a dual purpose - on October 17th I am going to have surgery to implant a neurostimulator in order to control my chronic migraines.  My head will be partially shaved for the surgery and I will have a very short haircut above that because my hair is very long and I don't want to deal with it while my head is healing.  To be straight, on the 17th I go in for a trial surgery and so my hair has already been cut short, and if the trial is successful I will be having the permanent put in sometime in November, so my head will be shaved then.  I thought it would be a lot of fun to just wander around with a Leeloo wig.  If it's not the right time, then I don't know what is.

Sorry for any delay in answering questions.  My blog email is not linked to my Android so I don't get notifications there.  I notice I get plenty of traffic to the blog but there are few comments, therefore, I rarely check into this email.  I'll try to be more studious in checking, however, please forgive my long moments of silence as I am working a lot and trying to balance life with bad health.  This blog is still going to be running as 5th is a major hobby of mine and I don't see that ending anytime soon.

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