Saturday, March 23, 2013

Some news! And answers to comments!

Hello to those of you following who have left me comments.  First of all, thanks for reading.  Secondly, I'd like to address some of your reader questions.

1.  Anonymous, I'm sorry, I do not sell the pass kits.  I bought one myself, and a nice version pops up on eBay every so often for a nice price.  I will put them together and send them back though if you purchase one and you're shy about making it.

2.  "Vacation Cruise" is found on the 2-disc collector's edition of the soundtrack.  I'm going to address this track here.  You can find information on it on's The Fifth Element page. I don't know if the track that was found is the actual song, because I couldn't get the external link and song sample to work for me.  So I'm not sure if it's THE song or not.  Unfortunately I do not have any other information besides the soundtrack and the imdb site.

I am happy to report my surgery went well and I have been able to function much better since.  This weekend we had Wizard World's ComicCon in St. Louis so I had an opportunity to go for a couple of days.

The first day I wore my Leeloo wig, shirt, multipass, and "I Love Leeloo" pin.  The second day I wore a usual David Bowie-as-the-Goblin-King from Labyrinth shirt, and I met a couple more Leeloos.  One was wearing the bandage outfit and the other wore the suspenders outfit.  I got a few pics, plus pics of me wearing the wig and other assorted superhero junk.

The second day scored a major hit for me.  After all of this time I found the 2-disc "Collector's Archival Edition" of The Fifth Element soundtrack!  It's the original 1997 version and it was a decent price all things considered.  Unfortunately the seller does not have an online site but he had plenty of beautiful rare soundtracks to drool over.  So now, with this soundtrack, I can confirm its existence and track listings as authentic.  It's been hard for me to find online but I was unaware of the "archival" tag it has and yes, "Vacation Cruise" is the title of the song, which means nothing because some of the songs are labeled differently than the commercially available score anyway.  These tracks are also listed differently than the 50-track 10th anniversary score.  Shortly, when I have them uploaded, I will post picture.  I also managed to get a hold of the soundtrack version with the limited edition rubber cover.  I am not sure where this puts my soundtrack count at, but it's getting high.

If I haven't addressed your questions, and you have something specific you'd like to ask, just leave a comment and I will get to it when I can.  I still work and do advocacy work as well as being sick still (though I'm much better than I was, and thank you for wishing me well), so I am not always available, as usual.

I'm still planning on that Heavy Metal/Fifth comparison and I have it on my mind constantly, so look for that very soon.

Kit sossian-devet-deset!

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