Thursday, January 23, 2014

2-Disc Archival Collector's Soundtrack

I'm putting up some pictures of the official Archival Collector's soundtrack, which is the 2-disc set that is very hard to find and includes the track "Vacation Cruise", as well as trailer cues and unused cues from the film.  Bootlegs can be found on the internet with misleading "cover art" but I believe that some of these bootlegs are incomplete (I used to own one).  A few notes about this set:

1.  It's not for sale.
2.  Some tracks are on the discs that aren't among the track listing.  I haven't yet gone through to sort them and get a more accurate count, but there are 4-5 extra separate tracks.
3.  This is not the 10-year Anniversary set, which is 1 disc at 50 tracks and features the spaceport in New York as the cover.
4.  I had to swap out the jewel case after purchase because the original was a wreck.
5.  The only song missing across all variants of the soundtrack is Ruby's 2nd rap, but both raps are featured here albeit without the lyrics.

Hopefully I will get the link for "Vacation Cruise" working soon.  Please keep in mind that I am very busy and as usual, chronically ill so it sometimes takes me a while to get things going.  I appreciate your patience.

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