Monday, September 8, 2014

Apipoulai all, if you haven't given up on me yet!

The book project is still alive and kicking, and so am I.  It's been a rough year, I lost my beloved Oona (Siamese mix) in June to lymphoma.  Life kind of stopped while I took care of her.  We then acquired a 3-week old kitten who needed nursing and attention, and she's a little orange cat so I originally caller her Leeloo (of course).  Anyway, she's almost 11 weeks now and we are still dealing with the fallout her poor body went through because she does not have momma's immunity to everything.  I almost lost her too but she's a fighter - and my husband canged her name to Cersei.  Which is fine, we're huge "Game of Thrones" fans here and even though she is an exceptionally sweet kitten, s the name just fits her very well.

I like to tell my husband her full name is Cersei Leeloo.

Anyway, I'm still currently working on acquiring research materials and transferring written outlines to the computer.  The outline is always changing; at some point I'm going to just have to stop and go with it.  I keep starting the first chapter, basically a "get to know the author and why she's writing about 5th" but I don't know if I like the ego stroking of that or not.  Don't know yet.  Need an intro...

If you are a Reddit member, or lurker, Luc Besson did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) recently and being lazy as I am right now (I have to do a TON of cleaning everyday due to the kitten's previous severe ringworm infection so please as usual, bear with me), just plug "Luc Besson AMA" into their search bar and you should find it.  Top questions were on "The Fifth Element."  I have not had the chance to check it out myself and I missed the opportunity to AMA by an hour.  Bummer.

As usual, I have acquired more items for my collection.  My favorite pieces so far have been the Diva Dance remixes on a 12" promo vinyl.  I'm also gearing up to work on the light-up Matt Munson multipass kit which you can find on etsy for a terrific price for what you are getting, which is a professional grade kit cast from original multipass parts!  So, go buy and enjoy!  These kits are FABULOUS, but take some time and care to put together.  My old pass does not light up and is kind of rough around the edges, but I did what I could with it over weeks and it turned out decent.  It only has about 3-4 parts to the tens of parts the Munson kit has.  Put out the extra $ and you won't be disappointed.

Soon I am also going to try my own silicone run of suspenders.  Stay tuned, thanks for sticking with me, and I promise that the book is coming along albeit slowly.  I've gotten to the point where there are few magazines I am lacking and I have done a lot of cache searching on the internet.  I've been on the internet since 5th came out and I used to hit the older geocities-type sites all the time in 1997-now.  I continually look for new material on the web but my main focus right now is the Jodrowsky lawsuit (over similarities to the comic "The Incals") which Moebius also worked on.  May I suggest a great film documentary?  "Jodrowsky's Dune" was excellent if that's your bag, and you can check out more Moebius designs that transferred over to 5th, whther intentionally or not (for the record, Jodrowsky lost the lawsuit).

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