Tuesday, April 5, 2016

(yeah that's Bruce Willis' face in the cover art!)
Hello, those few of you whom are still reading and following!

I see it's been a couple of years.  As usual, I am still heavily engaged in "The Fifth Element" (cosplayed Leeloo twice in a row now at comic cons).

Unfortunately my health has been taking a turn for the worse, and with everything I am trying to do to help get myself into better shape and frame of mind, I have just been unable and unwilling to update this blog, though there are several topics I'd like to attack over the coming months.

The last two years were pretty dark and terrifying.  I think I probably sunk to the lowest point you can get when fighting diseases you've had chronically for 10 years.  There is no medication I can take or want to take any longer.  So one day I challenged myself to change things and here I am.  Sadly, I am not very much better, but whatever I can do for myself I am doing it.

Back to "The Fifth Element", however!  It's exciting to see that kids who got to watch it on television have helped bring it back into the limelight over these past two years.  I am very happy to have the POP figures and the ReAction figures.  SPECTACULAR!  I have been waiting for figures since 1998's announcement of proper figures in the now defunct "Toyfair" magazine.  Is it defunct?  I don't think it's around any longer.  I hope in the near future we will get bigger, more detailed figures.  I'm also hoping Sideshow may have something up their sleeves, but who knows...i'm keeping my fingers crossed, however.

Thanks to Lootcrate, many people have been able to get their hands on a very nicely done replica of "Leeloo Dallas Multipass!" in a special Fhloston Paradise Winner! packaging.

What is also exciting is the news of Besson's new film, "Valerian", on which he has commented is not a direct sequel to 5th, but instead, 5th is set in this fictional universe.  Looking at the set pictures, they are amazing, and look very much 5th in color and design.  Laureline's hair, however, is blonde, but I suspect it's because Besson did not want another redhead conflicting with Leeloo in the same universe.  For one, I am going in blind to this movie because I only became familiar with Besson's inspirations from Moebius and Mezieres after seeing the film.  I have not read the comics, and I have not watched the animated mini-series.  I'm okay with this.  I do not need another fandom!

Since next year is the 20th anniversary of "The Fifth Element," I'm kind of feeling my old age these days...Ha!

Another note on multipasses.  I worked on 2 model kits and I have a 3rd waiting to be worked, but it will be Korben Dallas graphics next.  My first model was pretty crap, and whoever cast it did it poorly.  But at the time it was cheaper and easier to get a hold of than the more complicated and detailed passes created by a specific individual (who really did them credit, but whose name I will not mention - though he is no longer selling them to my knowledge).  I am used to working with my hands and I love model kits, but it was difficult to follow his tutorial after a certain point and though the kits could be rigged to light up, there were no tutorials on that portion whatsoever (someone else figured it out and wrote it up).  This was very frustrating for me, as was the fact that I needed "plasticine" paints and glues.  My initial pass turned out well despite glue and paint substitutes, but to be honest I need to get the sanding portion down to an art.  So if by chance you come across one of these kits and you are not prepared to make something so complicated, I don't recommend buying it because you can now get Leeloo's multipass on eBay for around $15, and it has the correct information on it as well as the correct picture of Milla Jovovich from the film's pass.  The only thing that deviates are the credit card names on the bottom of the pass.  Obviously due to corporate law and such you can't use the word "Visa" or American Express" on anything unless it's going to be used to swipe for services...and though the multipass covers you in the fictional sense. I'm not so sure it's going to work in the real world...It also does not light up, but I am going to rig Korben's to do so.

Another point I would like to bring up is this, and even so, I would like it if anyone out there has any information they are willing to discuss about the 2-disc soundtrack "promo" set.  If I were to be completely honest, I do not think it exists, even though I have an "archival collector's edition".  I have searched the depths of the internet for information, and the only thing I run into is the copy that was uploaded to the internet and is not the actual thing.  Even the cover art that is uploaded is not official.  At this point it's making me so crazy, that if anyone has ANY information on it, let's chat.  The "archival edition" features more tracks than the other floating around so far, has a catalog number, and the CDs are not CD-RWs. However, even using the numbers on the CD and cover art - I get nothing, and I think people are looking for it and have convinced themselves it exists...I'd just like to say, please don't drive yourself nuts by looking for it.  If we are looking for a 5th promo set, it would be the Cannes set that included the watch and the 26-track soundtrack, which is the only CD promo set that I can find.  There are two promo singles from the film, the original 1997 "Diva Dance" by the Shooshoos and the 1997 "Little Light of Love" disc which features 2 edits of the song by RXRA, pictured above.

More to come, take care fans!

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